3 gun is great for those who are proficient in using pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Competitors have the opportunity to use all 3 guns in each course of fire. Stages can be simple or complex.

Dead Zero 3 Gun Monthly Match Info:

All matches consist of a mix of bay style and natural terrain stages. Competitors can expect rifle shots passed 300 yards at every match.


Registration is at https://practiscore.com/clubs/dead_zero_3_gun

Rules and Divisions:

3 gun matches are held under UML Ruleset. To view the rules visit: http://unitedmultigunleague.com/uml-rules/
Divisions consist of Tac-Ops, Open, Limited, True Heavy, 2×4 Open, 2×4 Tactical
For more information on what defines each division please visit the UML ruleset.


We always welcome and embrace new shootwes to the competitive shooting sports! Never shot a match before? No worries! Just show up, other competitors are willing to loan gear, ammo, and teach you about the competitive shooting sports!

Monthly Match Details:

● 3 Gun matches are held the 3rd Sunday of every month
● Registration and Check-In at the Pro Shop– 9:00am CST
● New Shooters Safety Briefing — 9:15am CST
● Match begins — 9:30am CST
● Match Price — $30

Recommended Equipment:

● 200 rounds of each gun
● Semi-auto Pistol in 45 caliber or less
○ 4-6 magazines
● AR-15 Rifle with a red dot or magnified scope
○ 3-5 30 round magazines
● Semi-auto shotgun in 12 gauge with extended mag-tube
○ Shotgun caddies to hold at least 16 rounds
○ Chokes
● Belt with
○ Pistol holster
○ Rifle and pistol mag pouches
● Eye and Ear protection


Join the Dead Zero 3 Gun Facebook group to stay informed on match updates and changes. https://www.facebook.com/groups/DeadZero3Gun/

Contact Info:

Match Director: Sydney Rockwell
Email: srockwell@deadzeroshooting.com