So as some of you may know a family of beavers move into the area where we are building the 3D Archery Course.

The rascally little buggers had, in a short two week time frame, built a huge dam blocking up an intersection where two creeks met. That of course turned an entire almost 8 acres into a lake! If a rabbit is “wascally” what does that make a beaver!? Of course that meant war! We cannot go without our 3-D archery course! Luckily a good friend is a TWRA agent and a trapper so we gave him a call and as a good friend does he accepted the mission. Now we had our own Elmer Fudd! Er… well… our version of one, although many people would argue which one is better looking.

So our trapper got to work. In the course of a week or so he was able to catch the family of beavers. Yes, I said family. There were eight of those little buggers. Oh, and mom and daddy beaver…. not so little. Mom and dad weighed over 65lbs each! One thing I learned about beavers, though, is they are a lot like me. All gut! Ha! Anyhow, after getting the beavers removed we were able to get in there and check this dam out. It was 8′ tall, 12-14′ wide, and at least 16′ thick at the base!

So now we had to figure out how to get that pesky dam out of the way so the water can drain. Insert thought bubble or appropriate light bulb over head moment here. Tannerite! We ordered us up 10lbs of Tannerite thinking, “Oh, well that should be more than enough to blow a crater the size of a Mack truck!” So we get our muck boots and waders on and mosey on back to the creek and mix us up a pound of that there Tannerite. That should be more than enough, right? I’m not diverting the Mississippi. Well, the furthest I could get was 50 yards away, so I found me a nice tree next to the creek and got into position. I grabbed my trusty Savage 7mag rifle, got sighted in, and BANG! Wait, what? No explosion. Hmmm. I had gone and not accounted for the fact I wasn’t taking a 200 yard shot and had shot the cap to the Tannerite container clean off! Well that was a waste of a pound of Tannerite.

To make a long story short, We ended up using the entire 10lbs of Tannerite and barely made a dent in the dang dam. Those beavers sure do know how to build! It was nothing but mud with sticks in it and more mud with sticks in it that was just about as tough as concrete with rebar! We finally just had to break out the trusty pick and dig out part of it by hand. We finally got the lake to start draining and now we continue to wait on the “once lake bed” to dry up so we can get an excavator back there to dig out the dam.

So, mission success! We still have all of our limbs and body parts, which is a good thing, but we still have a little ways to go to get the archery course up and running. We know you guys are excited about it so we are working to get it done as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and we will keep you all up to date as we continue to finish up Tennessee’s Premier Shooting Destination!

Semper Fidelis,


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