Check out the new scores for the League of Outlaws Winter Series!

Anyone can join us and shoot the League of Outlaws. We go by our own rules and FUN is the #1 priority!

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Marauder Class

Jeff Brothers AA82NSNS 89NS171
Kevin GriffinM95NS93NSNS188
Lanny GriffinM91NSNS NSNS
Bobby HilliardUNS95NS NS9696287
David AdamsMNSNS8786NS82255

Ruffian Class

Weston StansellC8189NS NSNS170
Johnny MadewellC79NS7468NS221
Steve WardC848196858992365
Dave DameronH8390NSNSNS173
Mike CollinsUNS84NS NSNS84
Mitch LeslieUNS84NS NSNS84

Hooligan Class

Bobbi BrothersD6869NS 67NS204
Isabella WhiteH24NSNS NSNS24
Nikki LoweE52NSNS NSNS52
Larry TaylorE80718677NS314
Robert AkinsH51NSNS NSNS51
Dan RosarioE677881838471397
Rick WolfUNS54NS NSNS54
Deacon HigginsDNS7183NSNS65219
Penny OliverNSNSNSNSNS7979

NS= Not Shot

-Marauder Class: NSCA classes A-M (or advanced skill level)
-Ruffian Class: NSCA classes C-B (or intermediate skill level)
-Hooligan Class: NSCA classes H-D (or beginner skill level)

*Shooters may be moved between classes at any time to ensure fairness

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