This last month has been CrAzY! So much has been done with even more to come.

We have been non-stop busy working to get ready for spring!

1,000-yard Electronic Target Rifle Range


Dirt work has been slow going thanks to the rain but our crews have been working every possible day they can. Now that we are out of winter we are starting to be able to move more and more dirt.
The firing line is getting there and should be done soon and ready for us to start building the covered firing line on. As for our Electronic Target system, we have been working closely with the engineer for a new system that is making a system that will blow all of the other target systems away! We are working with him to customize it for our range to ensure it is everything we need and you deserve. Right now we are keeping it hush-hush but we will be announcing it soon, with a video, so keep an eye out!






Sporting Clays


As some of you know we have been putting a lot of time and energy into tidying up our Sporting

Clays Courses and rebuilding the gravel cart paths that were destroyed by this winters vicious freeze and thaw cycles we had. All of our roads and cart paths have had a brand new base spread on them. The day before our last monthly shoot we had a nice flash flood that washed out one of our bridges and we were able to get that back in place before the shoot thank goodness. Thank you Mini-Excavator! With the help Gregg Piercey we were able to get not one, but two forestry grinders in to clean up some of the stations and begin to open up some pull over areas in the woods. We still have some work to do but it is coming along.




3-D Archery Course

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for our 3-D Archery Course, your wait is over! Now that we have corrected the beaver fiasco and everything has dried back out we have gotten back to work on our 3-D Archery Course! We have marked it out and are finishing up the walking path. The 3-D targets are on order and should be here soon. We even are building a
large 16′ tall shooting platform for those elevated shots!

Be careful though! During construction, a sasquatch has been sighted!



April Construction

We have gotten a lot done but we have much more to do! For the month of April, we have quite a bit planned. A few of the plans we have are:

  • Finish the dirt work on the rifle range firing line so we can begin construction on the covered firing line.
  • Open up the 3-D Archery Course
  • Finish clearing out and tidying up the cart paths and complete all pull-offs and cart parking spots.
  • Place the finishing layer of fine gravel on our cart paths and parking areas.
  • Finish construction on the Skeet/Trap Fields and open them by the end of April.
  • Seeding with native forage prairie grasses.
  • and much, much more!

We have so much planned for this month so keep an eye out on our Facebook page and website!

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