Many of you have been waiting anxiously and patiently for the opening of our Electronic Target Rifle Range. As most of you know our contractors have been fighting through an enormous amount of rain and no small amount of rock to be able to bring you our a one of a kind shooting experience.

We are excited to be able to announce a special opening of the rifle range for members only, but before we get into that let’s explain what makes it so extraordinary!

Our Rifle Range will allow you to shoot from distances from 100 to 1,000-yards all without having to move from firing line to firing line. The target distances are 100, 200, 300, 600, 800, 900, & 1,000-yards. Instead of having one row of targets and multiple firing lines the rifle range has one fixed firing line that is covered and concreted and targets at the different distances. So let’s get into the different parts of this amazing feat of engineering.

The firing line is fixed, which means that all shooters will shoot from the same firing line no matter what distance you want to shoot. Our firing line has 25 lanes with each lane being 8 feet wide. The entirety of the covered firing line is 30 feet deep by 200 feet long. Each lane has a concrete shooting bench as well as space for firing from different positions such as standing, kneeling, and prone. At each lane will also be a tablet that is connected to the ShotMarker Electronic Targets. For those of our patrons that are competitive shooters, particularly sling shooters, you may enjoy the artificial turf firing line located directly in front of the concrete shooting benches. This will allow for competitors to shoot comfortably from any position.

Each lane is equipped with ShotMarker Electronic Targets for each of the distances. That means each lane has 7 targets with a grand total of 175 targets for the entire range! Not only are there electronic targets but there are also have many lanes equipped with steel targets for those who enjoy the “ping” of steel. The electronic targets work through a series of 8 acoustic sensors placed at all 4 corners of the target frame. As the bullet passes through the target face the 8 sensors pick up the sound of the bullets travel and triangulates within 1mm accuracy where the bullet hit on the target. It also registers the speed and angle of the bullet. The results are then sent to the access point at the firing line where it is displayed on any tablet, computer, or cell phone. The display will show you exactly where you hit on the target, the speed of the bullet as it passed through the target, as well as the score. Each target is placed on a lifter system that was designed by Dead Zero’s Owner Justin Whaley and Adam McDonald the Owner and Creator of the ShotMarker Target System. Each lifter is controlled wirelessly by the ShotMarker System allowing for complete automation. The Range Safety Officer on the range will have the ability to raise and lower each target letting the shooter fire on any of the available distances all without the shooter having to leave the firing line.

The design of the range allows for shooters to never have to leave the firing line again. There will be no more need to go downrange to check your target. Everyone will be able to shoot at any distance they wish at the same time. This means that when you visit the Dead Zero Shooting Park to shoot on the rifle range you will get your full reserved time on the range putting rounds on target! No more calling the range cold frequently! As many of you know 1,000-yard ranges are quite rare in the Eastern U.S. and we are happy to bring you the only one of its kind!

The scope of the project has been enormous and being able to finally complete it brings a sense of pride to the entire Dead Zero staff. To build the rifle range has required to move 182,000 cubic yards of both rock and dirt. 40,300 of those cubic yards were through solid rock! That is over 55,690 Olympic swimming pools and covers 26.7 acres. It took over 9,100 full dump truck loads to build. To give you an idea of the cost of the scope of the dirtwork alone, not including the cost to build the firing line, multiple target lines, or install the targets, each yard of dirt cost $4-$10 dollars to move and each yard of rock $8-$16 a yard to move. The total cost of the rifle range is $2 MILLION.

Now for the part you have been waiting for! This month we will be opening the Rifle Range to members only on Friday’s, Saturday’s, and Sunday’s for Members Only. Members will be able to shoot the distances of 100, 300, & 1,000 yards. This will allow our members access to the range while we complete it Monday-Thursdays. The rest of the target lines are near completion and we await State approvals for us to complete the whole of the range. Once the range is fully completed we will announce the Grand Opening of the Rifle Range to the public. The exact date of the opening for Members Only will be announced shortly.

Competitions are slated to begin January of 2019. We will be hosting F-Class, 1,000-yard Sling, Palma, XTC, Ultimate Benchrest, International Benchrest, and 50 Caliber competitions. Stay tuned for our 2019 Competition Calendar!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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